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PHREEQC (Version 3)--A Computer Program for Speciation, Batch-Reaction, One-Dimensional Transport, and Inverse Geochemical Calculations


Bullet PHREEQC Abstract
Bullet IPhreeqc Modules (COM/DLL/Library) Abstract
Bullet PhreeqcI Fact Sheet FS-031-02 (PDF)
Bullet Online Version 3 User's Guide
Bullet Notes for training course: Geochemistry for Groundwater Systems 2011 (Geochem2011.tgz, PowerPoint and examples, 180M)

Current Versions:

Bullet PHREEQC Release notes
Bullet Installation For Win32 Batch Version
Bullet Installation For Linux Batch Version
Bullet Installation For MacOS(Intel) 10.6-10.10

Other Resources:

new bullet Discussion forum: Search for answers, ask a question
Bullet FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions about PHREEQC and PhreeqcI
Bullet Mail Archive--Questions and answers about PHREEQC, PhreeqcI, and Netpath
Bullet Reports using PHREEQC and PHAST
Bullet Appelo's home page: Information, examples, and training courses
Bullet Mike Mueller's PHREEQPY home page: Using PHREEQC in Python


new bullet Version 3.0--New documentation of all features, including high pressure calculations, charting (Windows), Pitzer and SIT activity-coefficient models, CD-MUSIC surface complexation, and isotope capabilities. Updated PhreeqcI. Additional methods for IPhreeqc modules.


The Free Software Foundation's gunzip is necessary to uncompress the UNIX tar files available below. However, some World Wide Web browsers automatically uncompress retrieved files. Thus, running gunzip as stated in the installation instructions may be unnecessary.

Graphical User Interfaces
Platform Processor File names Size Notes
Windows 32-bit phreeqci-3.1.7-9213.msi 13M Executable, source, database files, examples, PDF documentation
Notepad++ interface -- Appelo's Notepad++ interface to PHREEQC version 3
PHREEQC for Windows -- PHREEQC for Windows Home Page
Batch Versions
Platform Processor File names Size Notes
Linux 32-bit phreeqc-3.1.7-9213.i686.tar.gz 20M Executable, database files, examples, PDF documentation
64-bit phreeqc-3.1.7-9213.x86_64.tar.gz 20M Executable, database files, examples, PDF documentation
Source phreeqc-3.1.7-9213.tar.gz 12M Source, database files, examples, PDF documentation
MacOS(Intel,OS 10.6+) 64-bit phreeqc-3.1.7-9213.dmg 14M Executable (Intel), database files, examples, and PDF documentation
Windows 32-bit phreeqc-3.1.7-9213.msi 3.3M Executable, source, database files, examples, PDF documentation
Platform Processor File names Size Notes
Any Any iphreeqc-3.1.7-9213.tar.gz 6.5M Source with configure and VS2005 project file
Windows 32-bit IPhreeqc-3.1.7-9213-vs2005-win32.7z 18M Static and Dynamic (DLL) Libraries (VS2005) 31M Static and Dynamic (DLL) Libraries (VS2005)
64-bit IPhreeqc-3.1.7-9213-vs2005-x64.7z 22M Static and Dynamic (DLL) Libraries (VS2005) 39M Static and Dynamic (DLL) Libraries (VS2005)
Windows COM 32-bit IPhreeqcCOM-3.1.7-9213-win32.msi 2.9M COM Server, CHM documentation
64-bit* IPhreeqcCOM-3.1.7-9213-x64.msi 3.1M COM Server, CHM documentation
* -- Both 32-bit and 64-bit COM versions should be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows


Bullet PHREEQC version 3 Documentation (4.2M)
Bullet PHREEQC version 2 Documentation (2.3M)
Bullet PhreeqcI Fact Sheet (PDF) (0.1M)
Bullet IPhreeqc Modules Documentation (PDF) (0.3M)
Bullet IPhreeqc Documentation (CHM) (0.2M) (HTML)
Bullet IPhreeqcCOM Documentation (CHM) (0.2M)


Bullet Status of PHREEQC Programs
Bullet Add Me to the PHREEQC Mailing List (Include the word "subscribe" in body of letter)
Bullet Your Comments/Bug Reports

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