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Instructions for Running GSFLOW Models

1.      Overview

       This document is the second in the "Instructions for GSFLOW" series. Refer to "Instructions for GSFLOW Model Input Preparation" for instructions on making input files for GSFLOW.

2.      Running PRMS Only

       2.1.            Editing the Control File
       2.2.            Command line run
       2.3.            Manual calibration using PRMS GUI

3.      Running MODFLOW Only

       3.1.            Editing the Control File
       3.2.            Command line run
       3.3.            Steady state calibration

4.      Running GSFLOW

       4.1.            Editing the Control File
       4.2.            Command line run
       4.3.            Calibration

5.      Summary of Software Tools

       5.1.            Arc Map/Arc Hydro
       5.2.            cvc_binary2ascii
       5.3.            Downsizer
       5.4.            Excel spreadsheets
       5.5.            Model Muse
       5.6.            Model Viewer
       5.7.            Paramtool
       5.8.            PRMS GUI

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