Bacteria Contaminant Interactions
Ronald W. Harvey
U.S. Geological Survey, National Research Program

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       Project Facilities, Equipment and Resources

        This USGS project's resources include two epifluorescent research microscopes with computer controlled image capture/sizing, full microbial culture capabilities with access to anaerobic chambers, an HPLC, and a state-of-the-art flow cytometer with real time microbial cell counting and sizing capabilities.  Clean hood, high speed centrifuge, bacterial/protozoan/virus culture materials, and flow-column equipment are all available.  We maintain several bacterial and virus stocks for use in injection and recovery experiments.  We have recently begun to assay groundwater for pathogenic organisms (Cryptosporidium/Giardia, coliform, enteric virus, coliphage) and have some expertise in water quality assessments.  
PC-coupled image analyses - microscopy equpment
10 + yrs of injection and recovery tests with microbes
Collaboration with major universities and gov't agencies
Full microbial culture and column resources
Onsite and offsite sample analyses
Rigorous lab testing of processes observed in field expts

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