About The Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Laboratory

The Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Laboratory (GSTL) is a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) facility located in Golden, Colorado on the eastern side of North Table Mountain. The USGS has a long and distinguished record of scientific research on flow and sediment transport in rivers; this lab represents a continued commitment to basic and applied research in this important area.

Work at GSTL falls into three primary categories:

  • basic research on fluid and sediment-transport mechanics governing the morphodynamics of rivers
  • applied research dealing with specific issues in rivers
  • software development, verification and dissemination for models of physical processes in rivers

Our capabilities include:

Current Projects

Contact Us

USGS Geomorphology and Sediment Transport Laboratory
4620 Technology Drive, Suite 400
Golden, CO 80403

303.278.7957 (phone) | 303.279.4165 (fax)

University Affiliates

  • Ronald Shreve, University of California Los Angeles, University of Washington
  • Yasuyuki Shimizu, Hokkaido University
  • John Pitlick, University of Colorado


For current software downloads users are directed to visit the International River Interface Cooperative website: http://i-ric.org/en/downloads.htm

To download legacy files please contact Rich McDonald.

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