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RE: SOlution Fractions

>I'm not sure about your setup. If streams A and B mix to >form stream C,
>then yes, the mixing fractions of A and B should be 
>approximately the relative flows of A and B.

The measurements are on A (Sumner,NM) and downstream of A 
at B (Acme, NM) on the Pecos.
I put in all the anion/cation measurements at A and
B and get -200.2 for H2O mole transfer (see attached
for input file).  Looking at the stream flow record,
there's 80 cfs at A and 15 cfs at B on the days
of measurement.  I'm assuming
that the difference has been lost to evaporation
and channel loss.  The mixing ratio gives soln1:2
of 4.6:1 from the model.  Should I take this to
mean that the model estimates that 3.6 kg (= 200.2/55.5)
of water was lost at B for every kg of water @ A
due to evaporation ? (the recorded stream
flow loss gives 80/15 = 5.7). How should I
interpret the 4.6 ratio ?


Attachment: Pecos_SumnerAcmeSep1962.pqi
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