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Mn species

Dear David

currently I am trying to model black Sea seawater speciation using phreeqc, latest edition, and I got a question:
I`d like to introduce MnS-Species to the database, but cannot find log_k values and delta_h values for the complex MnS(HS)- and the preciptitation of MnS2. Well, I do find a log_K for MnS(HS)- of +37.25 in
Landing, W.M. and Lewis, B.L., 1991. Thermodynamic modelling of trace metal speciation in the Black Sea. In: E. Izdar and J.W. Murray (Editors), Black Sea Oceanography. NATO ASI Series C. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp. 125-160.

But this value seems rather high to me. Putting this in the database, all the solute Mn is in this MnS(HS)- species, and all others are negligible, which seems not to be right to me.

Do you have any idea how to find the log_k and delta_h values?
I would be greatful for any hint.

Regards Andreas Huebner

Dr. Andreas Hübner FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN Institut für Geologie, Geophysik und Geoinformatik Fachrichtung Geochemie, Hydrogeologie, Mineralogie Malteserstr. 74 - 100, Haus B, D-12249 Berlin Tel: (49 30) 83870 808 Fax: (49 30) 83870 738 E-Mail: ahb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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