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Re: PHREEQCi question

> I'm new to the world of chemistry modelling and am about to use PHREEQCi
to speciate Mn and Se in surface water runoff.  When I go to the Solution
input data block Se is not listed as a possible master species.  I realized
that Se is not in the PHREEQC database and attempted to change the default
database to Minteq.dat using the Options tab.  However, when I do this I am
not able to apply the new setting.

The way it works is a little confusing, but go to File->properties to set
the new database file for the current file. Once that is done, all of the
elements from the new database file should be available through the
SOLUTION screen input. You also pick a database file when you run the input

Options will set the default database for any File->new input data files or
other file->open input files that do not have a DATABASE keyword.


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