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phreeqc question

Hi David,

Margaret from School of Mines here.  Thanks so much for your help on the 
transport problem.  I'm stuck again and was wondering if you had any advice.  
My thesis involves modeling the sorption, gas phase partitioning, and 
biodegradation of organics in a column.  I'm starting with benzene to make it 
simple.  Instead of calling benzene C6H6, I am calling it "benzene."  I have 
created something called "benzdp" which is the benzene daughter product, the 
product of a first-order biodegradation decay.  The database accepts the 
entry of the two under solution species.  However, whenever I try to connect 
the two in the database (Benzene = Benzdp, log_k -20 or with an equation 
Benzene + H2O = Benzdp + H2O), the error says the elements aren't balanced.  
Do you have any advice on this?

My second question involves the gas phase partitioning.  I want the solution 
to move from cell to cell, each time encountering a new surface and gas 
bubble to which it will partition (sorption is working fine this way).

Attached are my database and two input decks.  I apologize for taking up your 
time but I'm at a place where I don't knkow what else to try.  I'd appreciate 
any help that you can give me.

Margaret Dodds  

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