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Re: Modelling saine environments

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Dear USGS staffmember,

Greetings. I am a geochemistry student in Western Australia about to
to use the wonderful USGS software.I have downloaded phreeqc and am making
my way through the example files.

In my reading it seems the software is not very good at modelling saline
environments. I am in a rather interesting predicament, where one side of
the sudy area is fresh and the other is briny (up to 4x seawater).

The waters are Na and Cl dominated, and I am hoping phreecqc will encompass

such a wide range in salinity, with the purpose of modelling solution
pathways, aragonite-strontianite solid solution exchanges and some basic
speciation calculations. ANY useful tips in this regard would be VERY
GREATLY appreciated. Also, I have no direct pe data and have not assessed
ammonium or any iron speciation data for my samples. Will phreecqc be
limited by my lack of redox data ? Any tips on how to get around such a
dilema ??

Yours sincerely

Edward Oldmeadow

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