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RE: Nitrogen redox

Please review the attached file.  

Problem:  Product water is injected into an aquifer and begins to mix,
simulated by progressive amounts of product water added to 1 liter of
groundwater.  What are the effects on manganese concentrations assuming
birnessite solubility and redox are the controlling factors?

1.  If I assume N2 and NO2 are stable, as in this file, manganese
concentrations are held to 1 nM or less.  However, assuming only nitrate
and ammonia are stable results in >5 orders of magnitude increase in
manganese concentration.  Why does this occur and which state is more

2.  Is the problem posed correctly in this file?

Thanks for your time.

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Sorry, I can't go through all of these files and permutations. Please
boil it down to one file with questions.


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