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inverse modeling


I have tried some inverse modeling with PHREEQCI. As you can see from the
attached output there are errors flagged relating to a subroutine, although
the program gives models. Also, the second attempt yields no models
although I can construct one as shown in the exel spreadsheet. My questions

1. do i need to worry about the Subroutine Cl1 errors.
2. why don't i get a model for the second attempt (INVERSE_MODELING 5)?

Thanks for the help.

(See attached file: diff.xls)(See attached file: exch4.pqi)(See attached
file: exch4.pqo)

Alan Welch
U.S.Geological Survey
333 W. Nye Lane
Carson City, NV  89706

Office:  (775) 887-7609
FAX:  (775) 887-7629

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