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comparing Preeqc

Dear David and Tony,
I hope you don't mind me asking you a question on how Prheeqc compares with
Solmineq and GAMSpath. I regularly use Phreeqc (and Phrqpitz) for modelling
alkaline contaminated and calcitic groundwaters under mine sites and highly
saline groundwaters in the SW of Western Austr. (used in gold mining).
Estimation of rates of formation of phases is not possible with Phreeqc. And
formation of silicates in brines (the saline groundwaters are very old and
silicate concentrations are high: up to 50 mg/L Si) is not handled by
Phrqpitz. Would you know whether Solmineq and GAMSpath do things that
Phreeqc does not.
dr Robert Gerritse
Geoprocc Pty Ltd
64 Hamer Ave
Wembley Downs
Australia WA 6019

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