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Alkaline Solutions and CO2

I had a query with regards to alkaline (pH 10) solutions and CO2. I have a solution whose composition is listed below and I am bubbling CO2 through the solution. I want to see how long at a given flow rate (x litres of CO2) before I have the precipitation of a certain amount of CaCO3. I can't seem to get the output right no matter what I try. I need to keep the pH constant for the entire reaction. Is the following code correct for what I am doing?

SOLUTION 1 Nutrient Solution, pH 10, No CO2
temp 30
pH 10
pe 4
redox pe
units umol/kgw
density 1
B 0.16
Ca 700
Cl 256 charge
K 133
Mg 133
Na 0
N(-3) 47
N(5) 423
P 3
Zn 0.1
Cu 0.04
Fe 5
Mn 0.2
S(6) 500
C 0.000005
-water 1 # kg

GAS_PHASE 1 CO2 addition
-pressure 1
-volume 100
-temperature 30
CO2(g) 0.78035
O2(g) 0.21965

Also when I increase the pH, it returns lots of errors. Any help you can give would be great.
Peter Kopittke

Peter Kopittke
Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation
School of Land and Food Sciences
University of Queensland,
Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4072.
61-7-3365 7341

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