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Re: Questions regarding some PHREEQC output

With this message, I am forwarding your questions to the author of PHREEQC.

With respect to documentation for PHRQPITZ, see
https://water.usgs.gov/software/help/documentation/ for information
on how to order:

       Plummer, L.N., Parkhurst, D.L., Fleming, G.W., and Dunkle, S.A.,
          1988, A computer program incorporating Pitzer's equations for
          calculation of geochemical reactions in brines:  U.S. Geological
          Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 88-4153, 310 p.

There is an additional article on PHRQPITZ which should be available in
many libraries:

       Plummer, L.N., and Parkhurst, D.L., 1990, Application of the Pitzer
          Equations to the PHREEQE geochemical model, in Melchior, D.C.,
          and Bassett, R.L., eds., Chemical modeling of aqueous systems II:
          American Chemical Society Symposium Series 416, Washington, D.C.,
          American Chemical Society, p. 128-137.

Michele Crouse
U.S. Geological Survey
Hydrologic Analysis Software Support Program

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Hello, again,
I am writing this time regarding PHREEQC rather than PHRQPITZ
1.  I have a data set for injection well disposal.  Two aqueous streams are
mixed together and then injected.  In the attached file,
CoolingTowerMixA.out, the calculated errors for solution 2 are rather
>20%.  Does a calculated error this large suggest problems?  I am
particularly concerned with the high calculated pH value.  Were this to be
significantly in error all of the calculated saturation indices would be in

2. later on in the process I will be equilibrating the mixed stream with
existing groundwater, which has a TDS of 34,000 mg/L with chloride 18,000
mg/L and sodium of 11,000 mg/L
Will PHREEQC handle this groundwater?  As opposed to PHRQPITZ?  Without
documentation for PHRQPITZ PHREEQC is proving a lot easier to deal with.

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