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Re: Phreeqci

M Parkhurst,

I'm not running a transport problem.
In order to avoit convergence problems I use very small time stpes (-steps 86400 in 1500 steps for example). This leads to a quit big outpout file because for each time step many informatin is printed by default.
In order to avoid this huge amount of information, avoid convergence problems and go farther on time, I am trying to use the INCREMENTAL_REACTIONS true keyword after the KINETIKS 1 block but it does'nt work at all. The first time step is ok but it never converges at the Reaction step 2 (even for very small time steps). 
Thanks again.

At 18:35 27/11/01 -0700, you wrote:

>I am unsing Phreeqci under Windows98, PIII/1000MH, 128 M RAM,
>and I am having a couple of problems:
>> 1) After running a case, when the last time step is reached, the
>calculations stops and then it tries automatically to open the newly
>generated output file, but it last a lot, a very long period of time
>(several minutes trying to open the file) and often it hungs the program
>(not responding...).
>Are you running a transport problem? It could be that the output file is
>very large and your system is having trouble with it. You can limit the
>data that is written to the output file with -print_cells and
>> 2) In the input file I have defined a Kinetics bloc and a Rates bloc in a
>batch simulation. A very single 1st order kinetic law is defined but often
>the program hungs because it does not converge. It is very strange because
>the final concentration is only the half of the initial, the time steps are
>very small (1 second),....I am not able to get than the simulation go
>farther (seversl days) and the final concentration several orders of
>magnitude smaller than the initial.
>The time step for kinetics is defined either in the KINETICS data block or
>the TRANSPORT (or ADVECTION) data block, depending on the type of
>simulation you are running. The value is defined in seconds. The default
>value is 1 second. Sounds like you may be using the default value and
>should define your own time step.
>If these suggestions don't help, please send the input file (and the
>database file if it is different from the database files distributed with
>PhreeqcI). I'll take a look at it.
>David Parkhurst (dlpark@xxxxxxxx)
>U.S. Geological Survey
>Box 25046, MS 413
>Denver Federal Center
>Denver, CO 80225 

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