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Hi Dave,
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I took the GW Modelling class out in
Denver 3 years ago. I was an intern for Pierre Glynn at the time. I'm now
working at the Atlanta Georgia District and am attempting to use pHreeqc on
a project I'm on. I'm trying to do basic speciation and am not sure if I'm
inputting the DO correctly. I was hoping you could help. I am trying to
speciate groundwater, spring, and surface water samples. I have DO measures
for all of these but I assume the surface water is handled different since
it is open to exchange with the atmosphere. I know that the DO is defined
in the solutions section as O(g) phase but the alpha version of the program
keeps prompting me to input a SI. Do I put in the SI as -0.7 (partial
pressure in the atmos)? Is this OK to do for wells in a closed system? For
the surface waters, do I add gas phases for O2 and CO2 with atmospheric

Feel free to call or write. Which ever is more convenient.


Dianna Crilley

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