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Re: Nitrate Predictions

I have no idea what physical system you are dealing with, but with no data
except nitrate, I think all you can consider is a simple mass-balance
model: nitrate = nitrate_in - nitrate_out - consumption. Perhaps you have
enough data to fit a first order decay constant for consumption.


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David and Niel,

Thanks for your time, I know that you are both very busy.  Your student in
1998, I hope that you will have an answer to a rather simplistic question:

what model to use to predict nitrate levels over the long term (years)?

The data could be as minimalistic as only nitrate concentrations (no
alkalinity, etc.), so my next question: what is the minimal amount of data
necessary to run the model of choice?  Obviously, efficiency is a primary

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated_


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