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Dear Mr,

I was hoping you could explain me how it prepares the input file with TRANSPORT function. I have simple situation: initial concentration of Cl- in column is 0 mmol/kgw. I brought solution with 50 mmolCl/kgw in for 90 days and after that  solution without Cl- (initial concentration). I tried to observe changes in time and what could happend in column after one year = total time of experiment. I calculated that example in CXTFIT  and  it worked. Results are completely different.
TITLE Flow in column
SOLUTION 0    # 50 mmol/l KCl
        units   mmol/l
        K       50.0   
        Cl      50.0   
SOLUTION 1-40  # Column without Cl
        units   mmol/l
        K       0
        Cl      0
        -cells  40
-shifts 20
        -flow_d   forward
-timest 3.15e6
        -bcon   constant  flux
-length 0.05
-disp   0.1
-punch_cells 10
# Original solution reenters
        units   mmol/l
        K       0
        Cl      0
        -shifts 10
-punch_frequency    20
-punch  1-40
Yours sincerely

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