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Re: Phreeqc Question

> Sorry for the bother, I'm just a little dense when it comes to the
advection/transport areas.  Is it possible to using Advection to have two
"parrallel" columns and then mix their output solutions? Is it possible by
using the Save Solution m-n and then mixing the saved output solutions from
each column?  I'd appreciate any insights you might have.  Thank you.

You can probably do it, but it might be a little tricky. You would not want
to save solution m-n because that would put the same solution in cells m-n.
I think you might do it by having a column that was a bit more than twice
as long as the column plus a few cells. It would be divided say 1-n and
(n+2) - (2n +1). The n cell would be the result of one column and the 2n+1
would be the result of the other column. You would have to use MIX to cause
the n+1 cell to be the solution that you want to infiltrate column 2, and
MIX also for 2n+2 to mix cell n with cell 2n+1. I think it would work, but
PHREEQC is not really designed to make it easy.


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