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first a big THANK YOU for developping PHREEQC,
which has lead me to a lot of better understanding.

I'm calculating equilibriums in seawater and, as you
say in the manual, this is a bit beyond the possibilities
of PHREEQC. On the other side, there are examples provided
with PHRREQC which include seawater. So, what do you think
is the approximate error I have to expect ?

For example, if I compare calculated ion speciations to
Millero's "Chemical oceanography", my results agree with
Millero's for most ions (like Na, Mg, K, Ca). But for Cu++,
I calculate 93.2 % Cu(OH)_2 and 5.5 % CuCO_3, while Millero
says 73.8 % CuCO_3, 14.2 % Cu(CO_3)_2-- and 2.2 % Cu(OH)_2.

Do you have an explanation for that result ?

By the way, is there a database which includes iodine ?

Thank you in advance,

Armin Glaser

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