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Phreeqci questions

My name is Cory Dalton.  I am an adjunct research scientist at the University of Akron.  IOur group is working on an EPA 319 project focusing on the Bellevue-Castallia Karst Plain of northwestern Ohio.  We have been using the PHREEQCI ver 2.8 to process our groundwater geochemical data, however we are relative newcomers to using the program and have encountered a couple of questions.
First,  most of the data we are using gives alkalinity in the form of bicarbonate.  The question that we have is should this data be entered under the heading of "Alkalinity", "C", or "C(IV)" to produce the best results.
We were also wondering if there was a straight forward way to essentially simulate evaporation on our samples and see what mineral phases precipitate out and at what concentrations.  We have tried to do this via the steps outlined in Example 4 (p.209) of the PHREEQC user's guide but were met with little success, and we're unsure if it was due to differences between the programs or whether we were not fully grasping the concept of how to do this type of reaction in PHREEQCI.
Any help or suggestions you may be able to offer us would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Cory Dalton
Center for Environmental Studies
Geology Department
University of Akron
Akron, OH

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