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PHAST solution!

Dear David Parkhurst,

Thank you very much for your interest and for being so fast answering my questions.

Finally, we have succeded in running PHAST in our computers with XP.

At the end we had to do the following:
a) We downloaded the PHAST you have in the WEB (phast-rc2-1.exe)
b) We installed the program in the computer with Windows XP
c) We went to the directory were phastinput-rc2.exe and phast-ser-rc2.exe were placed. We selected one of the files (only one click) and then with the right hand button of the mouse we went to the properties of the file. In the case of a Windows XP we have a lot of properties to check. One of them is called compatibilities (or something like this, I have the Spanish version). In this property there is a button that allows you to select another version of Windows to be compatible with the executable. If we select Windows 98 or Windows NT, and accept the changes, then the PHAST can run. If we select Windows 2000 or we do not select anything (then it is assumed that it is compatible with Windows XP) the program does not run. Thus, we selected Windows NT.

But after doing that, we were really surprised that you could run PHAST in your computer with XP. Maybe, when you upgrade the computer these "compatibilities" are conserved. Or maybe you have compiled again PHAST for a Windows XP.

We are glad to have finally resolved this  controversia. For us was really worrying. ANd we hope this problem could help in the improvement of the developing of the model.

Thank you very much again and sorry if I have been so insistent


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