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Editing Netpath's databases

Dear David,

I have been using Netpath to do some weathering calculations in a low TDS, low alkalinity, low pH coastal groundwater. I successfully added some minerals to netpath.dat. My aquifer is primarily a quartz sand and I wanted to use the 1997 Rimstidt quartz Ksp of 10^-3.72, rather than the constant in Netpath's DB.dat. I think that quartz is being dissolved as the water travels down the flowpath, but the program still thinks quartz is oversaturated in most of the waters.

I changed the constant in that database, but the program is still using the old constant (10^-3.9). Do I need to recompile netpath?

The Netpath version I am using is an old one, from 1994, and it's the Mac Netpath.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

-- Anne

****************************************** Anne E. Carey Assistant Professor Department of Geological Sciences 275 Mendenhall Lab, 125 S. Oval Mall The Ohio State University Columbus OH 43210-1398 carey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 614-292-2375 (phone) 614-292-7688 (fax) ******************************************

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