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question about schwertmannite

Dear Dr.Parkhurst,
I am a graduate student in China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing)
Now I am planing to carry out an investigation on acid mine drainage from a coal mine,
and I find that PHREEQCI is usful to calculate the aqueous speciation and saturation index with respect to species of Fe.
But I wondered that if the phreeqc database include schwertmannite ,if not,what kind data should I add to it? Thank you very much for you consideration!
What you have done is good job!

Yours sincerely,

Zhiyuan Cong graduate student

Resource and Earth Science Department China University of Mining and Technology(Beijing) Xueyuan Road D11# ,Haidian District Beijing, 100083 P. R. China -----------------------------------------
Email: zhiyuancong@xxxxxxxxxxx Tel: 86-13691455138
Environment Geochemistry Environmental Hydrogeology ---------------------------------------------

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