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PHREEQC alk & exchanger output

Hi David,

I recently completed the PHREEQC course with Geoff Thyne who recommended
to contact you with this question. 

During my PhD years I developed inverse models using PHREEQC incl.
uncertainty to assess salinization of an aquifer in the Murray-Darling

My current focus, working with Jim Hendry, is developing reactive
transport models with PHREEQC for centrifugation experiments on clay
till, evaluating exchange coefficients & carbonate equilibria etc.
PHREEQC is useful to scale these experiments of diffusive-advective
transport at accelerated gravity to match solute diffusion profiles at
field scale.  

A question which I can't find addressed in FAQ:

Is it possible to identify exchangers and alkalinity for SELECTED_OUTPUT
with USER_PUNCH ?  It would be helpful to include exchanger composition
and to perform unit conversions for alkalinity etc. 


W. Timms
Postdoctoral Fellow (Aqueous Geochemistry), 
Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan,
114 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK., CANADA, S7N 5E2
ph. 306 966 5730  fx. 306 966 8593


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