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Re: NETPATH Question

DOS and Unix have different end of line characters. You need to find a
utility that converts from one to another. If you make a tar file on unix
and open it with winzip,  I think it will automatically translate the
end-of-line characters. We also have a little utility on unix called textcp

to convert unix to dos:

textcp dos file.in file.out

to convert dos to unix:

textcp unix file.in file.out


(See attached file: textcp)

David Parkhurst (dlpark@xxxxxxxx)
U.S. Geological Survey
Box 25046, MS 413
Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225

Project web page: https://wwwbrr.cr.usgs.gov/projects/GWC_coupled

                      Margot Truini                                                                        
                                               To:      David L Parkhurst/WRD/USGS/DOI@xxxx                
                      03/18/03 01:46 PM        cc:                                                         
                                               Subject: NETPATH Question(Document link: David L Parkhurst) 


I have a situation where I using the UNix version of NETPATH, but the
server failed.  I install the DOS version of NETPATH to keep using my
files. But when I moved the files to the directory and tried to run them
NETPATH did not recognize the files. Is this because the Unix and Dos
versions set the .LON files up differently? Do I need to re-enter all my
data? I was planning on bring all these files to class next week.


Margot Truini
Hydrologist, U. S. Geological Survey
2255 N. Gemini Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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Attachment: textcp
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