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Basic arrays in PhreeqcI


I eventually tracked down a 'problem' to code like this:


10 DIM c(5)
20 c(1) = 2
30 c(2) = 3
40 c(3) = 0
50 PRINT"Before: c1-c3="c(1)c(2)c(3)
60 c(3) = c(1)*c(2)
70 PRINT"After: c1-c3="c(1)c(2)c(3)
80 c(1) = 2
90 c(2) = 3
100 c(3) = 0
110 d = c(1)*c(2)
120 c(3) = d
130 PRINT"Again: c1-c3="c(1)c(2)c(3)



Before: c1-c3=            2            3            0 
After: c1-c3=            2            6            0 
Again: c1-c3=            2            3            6 


In the first case, the result is incorrectly assigned to c(2) not
c(3). It's OK when a temporary variable is used as in the second case.
I plonked the code into another Basic interpreter here and it gave the
right answer both times.

I am using PhreeqcI

Incidentally, where is the best free documentation for the Basic

Also the SURF(,) keyword produces a syntax error when Renumbering a
USER_PUNCH section.

I think you and Scott have done a truly magnificent job with PHREEQC
and now PHREEQCI. Thanks. I am a fully paid-up member of the
Parkhurst-Charlton-Appelo fan club.

I hope I wasn't too abrupt in my recent query re Kirk's revised As
thermo data. I have tried to do my best to put the new data into
PHREEQC (and GWB) format but I'm aware that it is easy to get things
wrong especially as I had to rework several of the equations and the
consistency issue rattles down through the data. Basically I trust you
to do it a lot more than I trust myself! The new data significantly
change the speciation in reduced systems. Obviously As is a key
element of interest at the moment and it would be nice to use the best
data as soon as possible.

Best regards


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