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PHREEQE program

Dear P.L. Parhhurst,
I just start working with PHREEQE program (Version 2.0). Firts of all I
want to make my own database and I am having some problems that I can
not solve so, I have decided to contact you.

I am working with cement and concrete materials and I need to introduce
in the database compounds like ettringite, CSH gel, etc. For same of the
compounds I have not found any problem, but for others I am getting the
following message:


ERROR: equation has not equal sign.
ERROR:   Trona
ERROR: Parsing equation
ERROR: Trona
ERROR: Equation has no equal sign.
ERROR: log_k22.41
ERROR: Parsing equation
ERROR:     log_k        22.41


I have copy the Trona equations from other database and the same message
I know that there is something wrong because when I put calcite in
water, portlandite precipitate and I know that this is not a real

Please could you help me?
Thank you very much in advanced for everything.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Sagrario Martinez-Ramirez
Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción "Eduardo Torroja" (CSIC)
C/Serrano Galvache s/n
28023 Madrid
Tel.: + 913020440 ext222
Fax.: + 913026047

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