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I haven't done it, but Tony Appelo describes how to set up radial problems
for PHREEQM in his book, Geochemistry groundwater and pollution (Balkema,
he is working on a second edition).  The same approach applies to PHREEQC.
I think all you really have to do is define cell lengths that decrease with
distance by the appropriate amount.

  From p. 423:

length(1) = R/ncell^.5, where length(1) is the length of the first cell,
ncell is the number of cells you want to use, and R is the maximum radial

length(n) = length(1)(n^.5 - (n-1)^.5), for  cell n.

He gives an example on pager 437. If you have problems, he can probably
help you better than I (appt@xxxxxxxxx).


David Parkhurst (dlpark@xxxxxxxx)
U.S. Geological Survey
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Denver Federal Center
Denver, CO 80225

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                      J Sam Arey                                                                           
                      <arey@xxxxxxx>           To:       dlpark@xxxxxxxx                                   
                      05/19/03 10:40 PM        Subject:  PHREEQ                                            

Dear David,

 I'm very interested to know if any version of PHREEQ is currently set
up to perform 1-d radial transport calculations, for either a
spherically or cylindrically symmetric system.

Thanks -
Sam Arey

 48-336                                             ph  617 253 3897
 Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering        fax 617 253 7475
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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