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Re: Question

REACTIONs are assumed to be charge balanced. The charge on the elements is
not used. If you want to add ferrous iron, you should add FeCl2 (or some
other anion). The reaction you used is equivalent to native Fe, so the
reaction is

Fe + 2H2O = Fe+2 + 2OH- + H2


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                      Zilberbrand"             To:       "David Parkhurst" <dlpark@xxxxxxxx>               
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                      gov.il>                  Subject:  Question                                          
                      06/03/03 11:34 AM                                                                    

Dear David,
Could you please help me once more?
I have that question.
Why do addition of Fe+2 to pure water using REACTION increases the pH. I
expected just the opposite following a reaction
Fe+2 + H2O = FeOH+ + H+
Help please!
Thank you in advance.

TITLE Fe+2_test_res.prn
-reset false
-file Fe+2_test_res.prn
-step true
-reaction true
 Temp 25
 pH 7.0
 Fe+2 0.5
 0.01 moles in 10 steps
Dr. Michael Zilberbrand
Hydrological Service of Israel
Research Division
P.O.B. 36118, Jerusalem 91360

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