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Re: Use of PHREEQC

> I recently downloaded PHREEQC and am trying to come to terms with it
(this is a chore in and of itself for me).  At present I am attempting to
utilize PHREEQC to investigate the reduction of Fe3+ and its various
complexes by dihydroanathraquinone-2,6 disulfonate (AH2DS), which is the
reduced form of anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonate (AQDS).  We are following the
oxidation of AH2DS to AQDS using a stopped-flow apparatus with UV/Vis
detection.  This is being done over a range of pH and Fe3+ concentrations.

> The half-cell reduction of AQDS to AH2DS follows as:  AQDS + 2e- + 2H+ =
AH2DS  E0 = 0.253 V

  From this equation AQDS and AH2DS should have the same charge, but you have
written the input file with A-2 and Aq (uncharged).

>I was hoping to utilize PHREEQC first model the equilibrium solution
composition of a solution initially containing Fe3+, NaClO4, and AH2DS - a
very simple system.  After multiple attempts of building an input file that
identifies ClO4-, the FeClO42+ complex, AH2DS, and AQDS.  I still can't get
it to converge.  The output appears not to recognize the AH2DS [in the
attached output file this species is designated as A(2)].  Two questions:
1) is this a problem that PHREEQC can handle, and 2) if it should be able
to do this problem, what am I missing?

I think PHREEQC should be able to handle the problem. First, there should
be 3 entries in the SOLUTION_MASTER_SPECIES for anthraquinone, but I'm not
sure exactly which three given the confusion above. Maybe something like
the following:

A     A-2
A(0)  A-2
A(-2) AH2-2

The redox states in parentheses are arbitrary, but is seems like the
reduced form should have a smaller number.

I think the basic problem is that you should not define Aq as a separate
"element" for the reduced form.

Then, I expected to see the equation you listed above somewhere in

A-2 + 2e- + 2H+ = AH2-2
      -log_K -8.55             # log_k from E0 = .253

If you can clear up the confusion about the charge on the species, it
should be possible to make a consistent  thermo data definition.


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