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Research in Analytical Environmental Trace Element Chemistry and Its Impact on Water Quality

Dr. Howard E. Taylor, Project Chief

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, National Research Program

trace metal cycling in the environmentTrace metal cycling in the environment

From this page you can get a description of our current activities and get copies of some recent publications as well as link to various other USGS sites.

Current Research Activities

Instrumentation and Facilities

Project description and Recent bibliography

Publications available to download

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USGS Home Page
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You can reach all project members by e-mail:

Dr. Howard E. Taylor, Project Chief: hetaylor@usgs.gov
Dale B. Peart, Hydrologist: dbpeart@usgs.gov (comments about these pages here)
Dr. Ronald C. Antweiler, Hydrologist: antweil@usgs.gov
Dr. David A. Roth, Chemist: daroth@usgs.gov
Terry I. Plowman, Chemist: tplowman@usgs.gov
Delva Jones, Secretary djjones@usgs.gov

or by U.S. Mail:

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