Research in Analytical Environmental Trace Element Chemistry and Its Impact on Water Quality

The determination of inorganic constituents and their impact on water quality requires an in-depth knowledge of the interactive water chemistry relationships. The ability to measure trace and ultratrace concentration levels of inorganic constituents as well as their chemical form and speciation plays a significant role on the chemical, toxicological, transport and overall environmental impact on surface- and ground-water hydrology. The development of state-of-the-art analytical chemistry technology to the solution of specific hydrologically related problems requires extensive laboratory and field research and development effort. Project objectives are to (1) Investigate and develop new concepts and approaches to the identification and measurement of inorganic constituents in water and water related materials; (2) Formulate techniques for the utilization of new field and laboratory technology for the assessment of water quality; and (3) Participate in multi-disciplinary research programs providing expertise in the field of inorganic water chemistry.