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Re: Release of PhreeqcI ( Possibly a Stupid Question

Hi Dave:

I have downloaded PhreeqcI ( I have set it up on my computer and
it is working.  I am interested in doing simulations related to Fe and As
surface complexation and exchange. As a starting point I am trying to
reproduce some of the work that Appelo et al (1999, Groundwater, v. 37, no.
6, p.811, Modeling IN Situ Iron Removal from Groundwater)  did with
Phreeqc. I am going to try and use the input files he has given in the
Appendix to the paper.

When I start up PhreeqcI it provides menus for defining the initial
solutions and surface species. However when I get to the SOLUTION_SPECIES,
SURFACE_SPECIES, and related master species there are no such menus from
which to choose. Is this the way it is supposed to be? If this is the way
it is supposed to be then I gather that the rest of the simulation
instructions given in the appendix to this paper need to be hand typed into
the input file using  the formats provided in the instruction manual? To
fill in the information for SOLUTION_SPECIES and SURFACE_SPECIES, I guess I
have to examine the actual databases I will be using (i.e., wateq4f,
phreeqc, etc) to be sure I use the appropriate designations.

If these seem like very basic questions I am sorry, It has been a while
since I used the PHREEQC model and I am trying to get into it again.  As
you can see I am a little confused. I think my confusion is stemming from
the fact that I assumed the interactive version would eliminate the need
for actually typing in the line by line code for some of the more
sophisticated aspects of the modeling.  This assumption has apparently
clouded my thinking and if you could provide some clarification I would
appreciate it.

Thanks again for your help!!


David C. Gosselin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
113 Nebraska Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0517
402-472-8919 (office)
402-472-4608 (fax)

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