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Re: PHREEQC Question

> I want to simulate the movement of an acidic water through a
calcite-bearing soil and graphically illustrate the "banding" that one
would see as Fe and Al hydroxides, and thereafter Mn oxides, precipitate.
But I am not sure how to setup the advection block to output the correct
data to the selected output file.  I should be able to do this with one
cell, and move progressived pore volumes through.  Somehow I need to
graphically display the amount of mineral versus a "distance" rather than a
pore volume ( i think).

I'm not sure how you want to convert time to distance, but USER_PUNCH will
allow you to make any calculation you want. The variable TOTAL_TIME
contains the simulation time and can be used in Basic statements in

> One thing I have done is produced a titration curve where I reacted
calcite with the water in increments, and indeed it shows Fe and Al
precipitating before Mn.  But, it would be nice to have a "depth versus
mineral concentration" plot that shows the banding I have observed in the
field.  Can you provide any suggestions?

Seems like you should set up a multi-cell column and plot the amounts of
the mineral with distance. You can use -equilibrium_phases to put the data
into the selected output file, or use the MIN function in Basic statement


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