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Re: bernd 050902

> For pure mixing, results should be the same with the same proportions. I
> would have to see a complete input file, hopefully not too complicated, to
> tell you what is going on.
> David
Now the input file, database and results.
The sequence in every MIX was from above downward, so for example in MIX1
# Norm=1                 -> file MIXtest4_Norm.dat
# 0 0.1 #=GWaDw
# 1 0.15 #=KGWbDw
# 2 0.25 #=KlSp
# 3 0.5 #=RS_Dw
# no Norm values GT 1    -> file MIXtest4_noNormGT1.dat
# 0 7.2 #=GWaDw
# 1 10.8 #=KGWbDw
# 2 18.0 #=KlSp
# 3 36.0 #=RS_Dw
# no Norm values LT 1    -> file MIXtest4_noNormLT1.dat
0 0.072 #=GWaDw
1 0.108 #=KGWbDw
2 0.180 #=KlSp
3 0.360 #=RS_Dw
SAVE solution 1001
The resulting excel files show more or less large differences. In case of no Norm and
fractions between 7 and 36 no convergence was reached.
I guess the differences will grow with ever more MIX blocks, so I will test it with
MIX 1 until MIX 100 and tell you what's going on.

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