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> Could you give more details about the differences that exist between

MINTEQ has been replaced with MINTEQA2. There may be a more recent version
of MINTEQ as well. I think there is a more recent database anyway.

PHREEQC can perform most of the same calculations as MINTEQA2 (the converse
is not true). There is a database for phreeqc, minteq.dat, that is taken
from the MINTEQA2 database, and results of calculations should be very
similar between the two programs when this database is used. The main
capability of MINTEQA2 that is not present in  PHREEQC is the triple layer
surface complexation model and an easier implementation of Langmuir and
Freundlich isotherms. PHREEQC has only the diffuse-layer model of Dzombak
and Morel, but is capable of making Langmuir and Freundlich calculations
with appropriate definitions. PHREEQC has a capability to calculate the
explicit composition of the diffuse layer in surface complexation modeling
that is not present in MINTEQ (although this capability is rarely used).

PHREEQC has several capabilities not present in MINTEQA2 including kinetic
reactions, ion-exchange, multicomponent gas phase, and solid-solution
calculations. PHREEQC also has 1D transport capabilities and inverse
modeling capabilities. The user interface PhreeqcI is more advanced than
prodef for MINTEQA2, at least as of the last time I used prodef.

The MINTEQ series may have improvements that I don't know about, so this is
only from my knowledge, but I think PHREEQC has more capabilities and is
easier to use (an author's opinion). There is a 3D reactive transport
model, PHAST, that builds directly on PHREEQC chemical definitions.


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