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I have three questions regarding Phreeqc for Windows. I am using v. 1.5.09 on a machine running Windows 2000.

1) On the input screen, I generally have little trouble entering input files, but if I have to go back to edit any existing text as I do the editing the screen becomes scrambled and behaves as though I am in typeover mode rather than insert mode. Scrolling up and down the page does not help. If I go to another page (e.g. database tab) or minimize the window, then return to the input tab, the input file looks okay and has accepted any editing that I did. However it is extremely frustrating to constantly bounce back and forth just to change a few characters. Any suggestions to eliminate this problem?

2) When writing a selected output file when I first open a session, all goes as expected. If I make any changes to the input without exiting and restarting PHREEQC, the first line of the new output file always carries the last line of the earlier simulation. For example in a kinetic simulation over a period of 24 h, the first time the file will read "0 h, C(0)... 24h, C(24)" the next time I run this the output file always reads "24h, C(24); 0 h, C(0)... 24h, C(24)." Any suggestions?

3) I am trying to couple this version of Phreeqe with the parameter estimation code PEST. This has been done successfully in the past by others (most notably in the work by Appelo and Postma) although they were using earlier versions of Phreeqe. Initial execution of PEST goes well, it opens Phreeqe but then the program will not read the input file or execute, so PEST gets hung and fails. Do you know if this version of Phreeqe can be used in this manner or not?

Thanks in advance for your attention,

  Scott Brooks
  Environmental Sciences Division
  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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  Oak Ridge, TN  37831-6038

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