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Re: phreeqc

> I have three questions regarding Phreeqc for Windows.  I am using v.
on a machine running Windows 2000.

The first two questions you will have to address to Vincent Post
(posv@xxxxxxxxx). He wrote Phreeqc for Windows and should be able to help.
Scott Charlton and I maintain the interactive version PhreeqcI and PHREEQC
itself. We will help with anything related to these two programs.

> 3) I am trying to couple this version of Phreeqe with the parameter
estimation code PEST.  This has been done successfully in the past by
others (most notably in the work by Appelo and Postma) although they were
using earlier versions of Phreeqe.  Initial execution of PEST goes well, it

opens Phreeqe but then the program will not read the input file or execute,

so PEST gets hung and fails.  Do you know if this version of Phreeqe can be

used in this manner or not?

I don't see why it should not work. You probably need to enter all the file
names on the command line so that the program does not interactively ask
for file names or write a script if necessary. My guess is that PHREEQC is
not finding the input file or the database file, so it gets hung asking for
them. I've used UCODE extensively with PHREEQC on Unix machines, which
should be pretty similar, so I think it is just a matter of figuring out
how to make it work.


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