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I need to do an equilibrium calc. of a bacteria growth medium to determine if 
precipitation between species occurs.  I have started the input file using 
Solutions for each chemical (1M (NH4)2SO4, .1 M MgSO4, .2 M CaCl2, .1 M 
KH2PO4, .1 M Na2HPO4, .01 M FeSO4, 1 M HEPES (pH 7.2), .1 M Glucose), and then 
using MIX to combine all the solutions together in the appropriate amounts (ex: 
2 mL (NH4)2SO4).  The database already contains many of the compounds, although 
slightly different than I need, but I also need to define HEPES, glucose. 
CaCl2, etc.  
I have added Solution_Master_Species, but am confused with what I am to do 
there.  I do not have much experience with these programs, so any input you 
could give me would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached what I have so 

Thank you very much,

Hanna Gilbert
Hydrology and Water Resources
University of Arizona

Attachment: Phrqc_input.pqi
Description: Binary data

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