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Phreeqc Query

I was wondering if you could help us out.  We want to do a pretty simple
calculation with phreeqc.  We have a set of solution data and want to
know what phases will deposit from that solution.  We don not however,
have a measured pH and want the programme to calculate this for us.  If
we do not specify the pH, it is calculated as 7.0.  We know that the pH
will be quite high in these solutions so a pH of 7.0 is not realistic,
especially as some of our phases are very pH dependant.
    We have read in a paper that the pH can be calculated by charge
balancing the species in solution with ?OH?  Can you let us know if this
is possible with phreeqc or if there is some other way of calculating an
unknown pH.
Kind Regards
Nic & Camelia.
tel;cell:07799 164 529
tel;fax:0131 667 3677
tel;work:0131 650 5681/5708
org:Edinburgh University;Centre for Materials Science & Engineering
title:Schlumberger Research Fellow
adr;quoted-printable:;;Sanderson Building, =0D=0AMayfield Road;Edinburgh;;EH9 3JL;UK
fn:Dr Nicola Meller

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