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Re: about to start PHAST

You have to run phast from a command prompt. The README file gives details
of where phast is installed, but you should be able to run phast from any
directory because the PATH is updated on installation. Phast is run with
one or two arguments:

phast prefix       # where input files are named prefix.trans.dat and


phast prefix database_name    # where a data base is specified, default is


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Dr. Parkhurst:

I have download PHAST RC1 and intalled it following the direction. I try to
start it from the shortcut. There are only the following directory:

Start-> Program -> PHAST RC1 ->Model Viewer (PHAST)--> Model Viewer
                                                              PHAST Export
                          User's guide

                                Online Help

I guess i might make mistake but don't know how. Could you please help me

Very appreciated.

Yong Wang

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