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A question about One-Dimensional Transport!

Dear Sir,

I have a problem that I'll like to model with Phreeqc. The transport
pathway should consist of ten cells having (two) different compositions.
Futhermore in some of the cells a kinnetic reaction will occur.

For example:

Cell 1-2: dissolution of UO3
cell 3-4: dissoltion of UO3 and UO2
Cell 5-10: reduction of organic carbon (CH2O - kinetic reation)

In this case an initial solution (rain water) going trough the ten cells
will be modified during the transport (precipitation of UO2 ist expected, I
modeled it in batch but I'll be satisfied to observed it in a dynamic system).

The example I've found on your site are dealing with cases where cells 1-10
als quite identical.

Thank You for any hint,


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