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PHREEQC and pyrite oxidation

Title: PHREEQC and pyrite oxidation
Hello Dave-
I believe I may have asked for your response to the below question before, but I cannot recall your reply.  Sory for the duplication.

In the PHREEQC documentation, the specific rate constant for pyrite oxidation by DO is given as 10^-10.19, which is cited to have come the publication by Don Rimstidt and myself.  However, in that publication we reported the rate constant as 10^-8.19.

It seems the units in PHREEQC are consistent with those in the published paper, so I am (again) confused about this discrepancy.  Can you clarify?

Thank in advance.

Mark A. Williamson, Ph.D.
Principal Geochemist

Adrian Brown Consultants, Inc.
333 W. Bayaud Ave.
Denver, CO 80223

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