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Re: Pyrite oxidation rate law

Here's Tony's reply from last year.


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At 02:47 PM 1/21/00 -0800, you wrote:
>While reading through the PHREEQC manual, I noted the reference to the
>law for pyrite oxidation (by DO) that Don Rimstidt and I published.  The
>form is seems correct, but the rate constant is written as 10^-10.19 (log
>= -10.19), as compared to our published value of 10^-8.19 (log k = -8.19).
>Am I missing something here?  My concern centers on whether or not other
>rate expressions that I have been using (in PHREEQC) are in an incorrect
>format for the program.

Dear Mark,

Thanks for giving attention to the rate laws in the PHREEQC-2 database. The
constant was adapted to comply with units of mol/dm3/s, whereas you have
defined the constant in mol/m2/s in your GCA paper. In general in
PHREEQC-2, the units have to give mol/s. The volume defaults to 1 kg = 1
dm3, but can be adjusted with the identifier -water in keyword SOLUTION.

Hope this helps you out,

with kind regards,  Tony.

Dr C.A.J. Appelo
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