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Re: problems with uncertainty term in inverse model

Sounds like something in your formulation is inconsistent. One example
would be Cl decreasing from solution 1 to solution 2, halite is the Cl
source, but halite is required to dissolve. Look through each element and
consider whether it increases or decreases and whether there is a mineral
that is a possible source or sink for each element. Another place to look
is with redox. If redox is involved, try adding O2(g) as a reactant that
can dissolve or precipitate and see if that points the way to your problem.

If you send me the input file, I'll try to take a look.


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Hello. I am a Spanish student working with
Phreeqc. I am trying to do an inverse
modelling and I have problems with the
uncertainty term, I am not able to run the
program unless I specify a value of 1, and
this means a really big error. Can you please
give me any advise about this?. I can send
you my input file if you need it.
Thank you very much.
Barbara Coto Suarez

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