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Re:Re: problems with uncertainty term in inverse model

This is the input file with the data and with 
the main minerals that we have in the strata.

What happen if I don´t specify "dissolve or 
precip"? Will the program show me all the 
possible models although some of them may 
not be right? 

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TITLE Example 
	        units  	 ppm
		Ca		140.100
		Mg		64.860
		Na		39.410
		K		10.760
		Fe		5.987
		Mn		4.641
		Al		0.915
		Cl		106.300
		S		326.400
		N		9.900 gfw 62
		Zn		0.000
		Si		10.400 gfw 28.08
		Cu		0.000
		Alkalinity	222 as HCO3	
		pH	6.540	
		Temp	9.500	
		pe	0.945	
SOLUTION 2  under level	
		units	ppm
		Ca		233.600
		Mg		89.560
		Na		64.220
		K		26.660
		Fe		3.164
		Mn		2.062
		Al		0.709
		Cl		71.350
		S		617.750
		N		6.350 gfw 62
		P		0.000
		Zn		0.000
		Cu		0.000
		Si		13 gfw 28.08
		Alkalinity	420 as HCO3	
		pH	6.790	
		Temp	10.000	
		pe	1.352	
        -solution 1 2
     	-uncertainty 0.05

		Anorthite       dissolve   
		Adularia        dissolve 
		Calcite		precip                
		Dolomite	dissolve         
		Fe(OH)3(a)      precip 
		Halite          precip

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