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Re:Re: problems with uncertainty term in inverse model

What happen if I don´t specify "dissolve or
precip"? Will the program show me all the
possible models although some of them may
not be right?


Here is a file that makes a model. You can start from there trying to
determine what you like or don't like about the model. You do have chloride
decreasing, which is not possible except by dilution with another water, or
you are not on the same flow path. You probably need phases like kaolinite
and chalcedony if you are reacting primary silicates. Alternatively, you
may have other clays that are forming. This also opens up the possibility
of cation exchange, which I have not included.

The -mineral_water false statement eliminates some models that generate
water by moles of reaction of minerals. I prefer not to use this option,
but it simplifies the result for you. If you take it out, you will find
models that have mixing fractions greater than 1.0 for solution 1 and mole
transfers of tens of moles for some of the minerals.

Hope this gets you started.


        -solution 1 2
             -uncertainty 0.05

                         Albite     dis
                         Anorthite     dis
                         Adularia        dis
#                        H2O(g)

#                       O2(g)
      -mineral_water false

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U.S. Geological Survey
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Denver, CO 80225

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