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Re: PHREEQC reaction

You should define the phase in a PHASES data block. You should use a
"dissociation" reaction with the new phase as the first entity on the
left-hand side, all other entities on left and right-hand sides should be
aqueous species. The log K is immaterial to inverse modeling, but will
affect the saturation indices calculated for initial solutions.

That said, H2SiO3 is not a common phase formula. I would use SiO2(a),
quartz, or chalcedony (just one). The only difference of these with your
phase is a water in the formula, which should make almost no difference in
the mole transfers that are calculated.


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Mr. Parkhurst,

I am working with PHREEQC and using the LLNL database.  I have a reaction
             SiO2 + H20 = H2SiO3
along with the log k.  I tried inputing this information as one of the
phoses for inverse modeling, but I got an error message saying that PHREEQC

didn't recoginize H2SiO3. I know that LLNL has SiO2 as the master species
for Si.  I was wondering how to input H2SiO3 as a master species.  I tried
entering a new master species before, but it seemed like I entered it
incorrectly, because the program still didn't recognize it.  If you could
please help me out with this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time,
Elizabeth Bryant

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