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Re: redox modelling

PHREEQC does not use the special approach to redox that was used in
PHREEQE(1980). Redox is now handled directly by including mole-balance
equations on H and O and a charge-balance equation.  These equations are
sufficient to correctly handle redox problems.

Sorry, but I just threw out the last of the 1980 report, but it really is


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Dear David,

Doing research in reactive transport modeling, I was reading the PHREEQC
manual looking for the appraoch used for the redox modelling and the
mathematical formulation of it, but I didn't find this in the manual
In an article of Liu and Narasimhan, the authors refer to Parkhurst et al,
1980 when describing the internal approach for modeling redox reactions.
Is this approach still used in PHREEQC? and is it still possible to
get/order a copie of the 1980 USGS report?

Best regards,


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